Guard Services

NSSL provides you with the best armed and unarmed guards with the experience, discipline, integrity, and customer care

Cash inTransit

Cash in Transit Overview All armored vehicles are monitored in real-time by several independent systems and by our Central Monitoring Station as well.


Our team of experts are trained in Forensic Psychophysiology at the best colleges in the world.


Experience the highest level of protection for your digital safety. Our advanced encryption technology is proven to protect your data, as well as monitor facilities remotely.


At NSSL, we offer canine services with the help of specially trained dogs.


Our ambulance services provide not only timely and reliable care, but also compassionate services.

Fire Marshal

NEC Security provides the highest level of safety and security for your premises through our experienced and certified fire marshals.


Our courier service offers unbeatable speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. We guarantee that your packages will arrive on time and without any hassle.

Urban Shooting

Experience the Thrill of Urban Shooting
Get the most realistic shooting experience with a wide range of firearms from pistols to military-grade rifles.